Cover_On Folding
Cover_On Folding

Friedman, Michael/Schäffner, Wolfgang (eds.) (2016):

On Folding. Towards a New Field of Interdisciplinary Research.

Bielefeld: transcript.

It is only recently, with the increasing interest in origami and folding in natural sciences and the humanities, that the fold as a new conception in a whole range of disciplines has begun to be conceived in a broader way. Folding as a material and structural process offers a new methodology to think about the close relationship of matter, form and code. It henceforth crosses out old dichotomies, such as the organic and the inorganic or nature and technology, and blurs the boundaries between experimental, conceptual and historical approaches.

This anthology aims to unfold this new interdisciplinary field and its disciplinary impact, ranging from materials science, biology, architecture, and mathematics to literature and philosophy. 

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