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Angelika Seppi

Angelika Seppi studied philosophy and art history at the Universität Wien and the Universidad de Chile. In her dissertation she traced the problematic of origin and repetition in philosophy and art departing from and in analysis of major positions within the modern and contemporary critique of metaphysics. Thus she pursued a topic that under different aspects – might it be from the political, the juridical, the aesthetical or ontological point of view – always had and still has an impact on her research: the question of the relation between certain constituted forms of subjectivity, of power, thought/reason and art on the one hand and their constituting, formative forces on the other. 

From October 2011 until 2014 Angelika Seppi worked as a student assistant as well as a research assistant at the department of art history at Universität Wien and at the department of art history and art theory at the Kunstuniversität Linz. 

In October 2014 she started working as a research assistant to Claudia Blümle who is holding the chair of History and Theory of Form at the department of art history and theory at the Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin.