Anika Schultz

Anika Schultz has a degree (Dipl.-Des) in Interaction Design with a concentration in Product Design from the Weißensee Academy of Art Berlin. She did her thesis project she on the visualisation of online searching and finding processes. 

After her time working as a freelance designer in Madrid, she worked as a concept designer at an agency based in Berlin. In April 2015 she began her post as researcher associate at the Interdisciplinary Laboratory. 

In the project »Health and Gestaltung« she is developing patient-oriented applications that enable patients to make well-informed decisions and act independently.

In the project »ID+Lab« she is designing a digital publication platform and a tool to create models of interdisciplinary collaboration. Furthermore she is a member of the project »«, where she is involved in the design of the subproject »Singleton«.

Her research interests are digital health care, strategies of information transfer, visual data documentation and organisation, tangible interaction.