Anna Roehte

Anna Roethe

Interdisciplinary Laboratory

Anna L. Roethe is a doctor and a cultural and literary scholar. Having studied Literature, Jewish studies, History of Art and Medicine, her main research interests are the aesthetic-epistemic questions at the intersections of the natural sciences and humanities. 

She is a member of the bi-national doctoral programme »Ph.D.-Net: Das Wissen der Literatur« at the Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin and was a Fellow in Residence at the Kolleg Friedrich Nietzsche in Weimar. She is currently working on a doctoral degree in contemporary discursive and epistemological strategies of medical narratives.  

Within the project »Image Guidance« she is, amongst other things, concerned with the visual and epistemic implications of the evolution of radiological and functional imaging procedures (from traditional X-ray images to contemporary CT-/MRT-based, non-invasive clinical heart diagnostics and navigated transcranial magnet simulation in the therapy of malign brain tumours) and their role for image-guided interventions. 

She is mainly interested in the mechanisms of prefiguration in medical vision with respect to the history of technology and knowledge and the potential for presenting that framework  on scientific and pop-cultural levels. In the projects  »Image Guidance« and »Gesundheit & Gestaltung« her main focus is the conceptual cooperation between the human sciences and the arts, as well as targeted linking of research and design concepts with clinical practice and communication with patients.

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Research fields

Functional mapping, cartography, operation planning, (neuro-)surgical practices, Medicine Studies, medical humanities and the medical turn(s) in cultural studies, medical narratives, visual epistemology of imaging, surgical oncology and radio-oncology, hybrid operating rooms.