Anouk-Aimée Hoffmeister

In 2012 Anouk-Aimée Hoffmeister concluded her studies in Product Design at Kunsthochschule Berlin Weißensee (the Weissensee Academy of Art, Berlin), where she specialized in Interaction Design. In 2004 she received a Social Science Diploma from the University of Mannheim. Her thesis investigated the design procedures in physical computing that are located at the interface between the virtual and real worlds.
Taking the design problems that arise from the documentation and organisation of relevant information as her starting point, Anouk Hoffmeister conceptualized a multipurpose digital platform. This is capable of adapting to the specificities of physical computing and simplifies the organisation of gathered information. The platform aims to map the entire work process and make the finalised project accessible to others. Within the Excellence Cluster, Anouk Hoffmeister conceptualises tools for facilitating and enabling interdisciplinary work and collaboration.