Carla Janson

Interdisciplinary Laboratory

Carla Janson assisted with research and organisation at the projects »Gesundheit und Gestaltung« and »Image Guidance« as a student assistant. The focus of her Bachelor's degree in Art History, History and Curatorship at the University of Granada was on contemporary issues, aesthetics and history of design. During her Master's course in Cultural Management, she became interested in the cultural and humanitarian field, leading her to enrol in a Bachelor's programme in international emergency and disaster aid in Berlin. The project »Gesundheit und Gestaltung« gave her the opportunity to research mobile hospitals for a student project involving cooperation with other disciplines (product design, architecture, Cultural Theory and History) which aims to synthesise approaches and to contribute to developments in humanitarian and development aid.  In the project »Image Guidance« she researched different forms of representation concepts in neurosurgery and radiology and the ways these may be communicated to an external audience.

Research interests:

Global health, design theory, architecture, mobility, health design, visual studies