Collaborative Spaces:  Objects – Structures – Practices
Collaborative Spaces: Objects – Structures – Practices
Collaborative Spaces
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Collaborative Spaces: Objects – Structures – Practices

11.10.2018 - 13:30 h to
12.10.2018 - 16:00 h
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Sophienstraße 22a 10178 Berlin

Collaborative Spaces

Objects – Structures – Practices

Interdisciplinary collaboration is the key to solving complex tasks. At the same time, communication and teamwork in such a collaboration are themselves characterized by a complex dynamic. Both research on interdisciplinarity and interdisciplinary practice rarely consider space as an independent actor.

The conference Collaborative Spaces is therefore dedicated to the mutual interdependencies between spaces of different medialities and forms and the work that takes place in, with and through them in an interdisciplinary research context. Space is conceived as active, enabling and shaping collaborations in its physical and virtual dimensions, but also in its social, aesthetic and functional dimensions — in short: space designs. Space thus becomes much more than what spans between four walls: It opens up possibilities and blocks them, creates communication, designs visibility, provokes encounters, documents processes, fosters routines, allows privacy, calls for openness, signals claims, channels knowledge transfers and structures differences. Space is intelligent, complex and polymorphic. In this sense, what David Weinberger stated in his book Too Big to Know in 2012 is especially relevant to interdisciplinary collaborations on very different levels: “The smartest person in the room is the room.”

The conference will explore the different dimensions of collaborative spaces by closely interrogating their objects, structures and practices. This encompasses the observation and experimentalization of interdisciplinary forms of work and the development of digital-analog design tools all the way through to new forms of collaboration and communication and the design of interaction systems and “playgrounds” for knowledge transfers and generation. Discussions will focus on the characteristics of architectures of knowledge, knowledge generation and knowledge transfers.    


1.30 pm-6 pm

9 am-4 pm