Friederike Saxe

Interdisciplinary Laboratory

Following her studies in Biology with a concentration in bionics, biotechnology, microbiology, and process engineering in Aachen, Friederike Saxe obtained her PhD from the Max Planck Institute of Colloids and Interfaces in Potsdam with a thesis on the significance of the ultrastructure of cell walls for the growth and the mechanical properties of Arabidopsis thaliana. She is interested in structure-function relationships in biological materials. 

Friederike Saxe works as a Research Associate on the construction of a biomimetics database that acts as a bridge between technical questions and solutions from nature. To provide an example of the database’s practical applications, she is working on the characterisation of selected biological systems on different scales (from the millimetre scale to the nanometre scale), applying methods from natural science and materials science, and observing the structure-function relationship within the different systems.