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Friedrich Schmidgall

Friedrich Schmidgall researches the influence of physical and digital configurations of space on interdisciplinary work in the project »Architectures of Knowledge«. Together with his team, he develops and coordinates the Experimental Zone in the Cluster of Excellence: an experimental space in which interdisciplinary work is observed, analysed, and designed. He is particularly interested in the interlinking of digital and physical space in day-to-day research and design

Friedrich Schmidgall studied the integration of physical and digital interaction in his diploma dissertation on digital craft tools. As part of this project, he developed a tool and an innovative interaction concept enabling craft design in computerised 3D environments

His research also examines tangible user interfaces and the role of embodiment and action in human-computer interaction.


2012 to 2015: Visiting evaluation expert and workshops on interaction design and user experience at the Weißensee Academy of Art Berlin, Department of Product Design