Inga Schaub

Interdisciplinary Laboratory

Inga Schaub is a cultural theorist. She studied Cultural Education at Niederrhein University of Applied Sciences and Cultural Studies at the University of Amsterdam. She submitted her doctoral thesis, »Images of good grieving«, to the Department for Cultural History and Theory at the Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin in spring 2015. In her thesis, she examined the new visibility of grieving in psychology, philosophy and photography. As a PhD student, Inga Schaub was funded by the German National Academic Foundation and was an associate member of the DFG Graduate Research Colloquium »Life Forms and Life Knowledge«.

Alongside her research work, she has been working with the theatre and performance production label müller***** since 2012 (including the productions »Politisches Solo« and »Formen der Trauer«) and has worked as a consultant in extracurricular youth education.

Inga Schaub was a research associate in the project »Forms and Styles of Commands«, which examines commands as a cultural technique in military and bureaucratic organisations, in child-rearing and the training of children and animals, and in the programming of machines.