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Jessica Bartz

Interdisciplinary Laboratory

Jessica Bartz studied Philology and Classical Archaeology at the Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin. Since 2011 she has been working in the project »Digitales Forum Romanum«, which is based within the Department of Archaeology at the HU Berlin and led by Professor Susanne Muth. The project studies and reconstructs the Roman Forum in different eras. Within the project, she primarily worked on the digital reconstruction, visualisation and scientific evaluation of earlier reconstructions. These are skills that she is now able to constructively contribute to work in the Cluster.

Alongside this, she is now starting work on her PhD thesis on »Ephemeral architectures in public urban spaces«, which examines temporary built structures as a flexible means to change public spaces.

In her work for the Cluster, Jessica Bartz studied Roman residential buildings in the time of the Caesars and late antiquity and their different decorative strategies, including mosaics and murals, focusing on the guiding of movement through different flooring and wall designs.