Joana MacLean

Interdisciplinary Laboratory

Joana is a Master’s student in Molecular Biology and Biochemistry at the Universität Potsdam. She has been a Trainee at the MPI Golm für Molekulare Pflanzenphysiologie since 2015. During her Bachelor studies at the University of Amsterdam she developed a special interest in ecology and plant genetics. In 2013 she took part in a research project at the FEM Institute in Trento, where she spent a year investigating the application of molecular-genetic methods in species conservation, and the categorization of endemic alpine flora in Northern Italy. Besides her studies in Biology, Joana is interested in analogue photography and spends her time organizing different projects around textile and DIY culture.

Joana works with Angela Bösl in the capacity of student assistant in the botanical definition of vegetable forms found in sculptures and ornamental elements of the Jugendstil movement.