models and mathematics
models and mathematics

Model and Mathematics

The workshop aims to take a closer look at the practices of modelling within mathematics and the related natural sciences. How did the concept of »model« and the activity of modelling change between the 19th and the 21st century? How were material, three-dimensional models taken into account? What was their epistemological role? How mathematical modelling was regarded within physics, chemistry and biology? 

The workshop will take place on 26.7.2018 and the program is attached. 
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Model and Mathematics

Time: Thursday, 26 July 2018, 10:00-17:30

Place: Sophienstraße 22a, 2. Courtyard, second floor, 10178 Berlin
Interdisciplinary Laboratory Image Knowledge Gestaltung
Cluster of Excellence at Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin

Attendance is free and interested participants are welcome!


10.00–10.30 / Michael Friedman and Karin Krauthausen:
Model and Mathematics – Introduction

10.30–11.30 / Arianna Borelli:
The Tension between Modeling and Mathematics in Early Particle Physics
11.30–12.30 / Axel Gelfert:
Thinking With Formalisms: Mathematical Notation and Epistemic Actions
14.00–15.00 / Tilman Sauer:
(De)Visualizing Parallel Transport
15.00–16.00 / Reinhard Ulrich Wendler:
Marmousi-Models and the Limits of Scale
Coffee Break
16.30–17.30 / Moritz Epple: 
›Analogies‹, ›Interpretations‹, ›Images‹, ›Systems‹, and ›Models‹: Some Remarks on the History of

Abstract Representation in the Mathematical Sciences since the Nineteenth Century

model and mathematics