Open Design – Open House!
Open Design – Open House!
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14.02.2017 - 15:00 h to
14.02.2017 - 18:00 h
Interdisziplinäres Labor
Sophienstrassa 22a 10178 Berlin

Students of the Master-Program »Open Design« present their final projects

The projects adress the problem of »growth«. Their size oscillates from large scale urban interventions in three cities around the globe to an individual garment for the care of the growing belly of pregnant women. Encounter objects on the base of a very concrete material structure that through a system of nodes and connections are capable of creating complex three dimensional arrangements. Another’s matter is harder to grasp: sound. Its effects are only visible on delicate membranes.

The open approach taken by the students from disciplines such as architecture, product design, material science, theatre studies, programing, history, geography, biohacking allowed the Getaltung of concepts such as an elusive mirror, as well as design methodologies for sustainable structures using lo-fi materials, solutions using morphogenesis, density and meaningful connections for the human ecosystem.