Or Ettlinger

Or Ettlinger is a theorist, practitioner and educator working at the intersection of the fields of architecture, computer science, art and digital media. He is an Assistant Professor at the Faculty of Architecture of the University of Ljubljana, where he developed and teaches courses in digital literacy, virtual architecture and creative methodologies. He developed the »Virtual Space Theory«, an alternative theory of the pictorial image which considers images in terms of the experience of space that they create and provide, and published the book »The Architecture of Virtual Space«, which explores the space that images generate by studying the history of architectural creations made especially for pictorial mediums. He established and leads the Creativity Studio for Experimental Projects, an advanced educational framework for fostering creativity, interdisciplinarity, teamwork and innovation through collaborative work on large-scale mind-bending projects.

Research Interests

  • The experience of space in and through pictorial images (How does it happen?)
  • Architectural creations in and for pictorial mediums (from the distant past to speculated futures)
  • The aesthetic experience in art and architecture (What makes us inspired?)
  • The process of artistic creativity and inspired perception (How does it work?)
  • Multi-dimensional data visualizations, user interfaces and information design (How to make the abstract tangible?)