VR Podcast
VR Podcast

Playing with Virtual Realitites – a short Introduction

One of the challenges of dancing in VR is the competing wills and attentions of the dancers, who navigate between their bodily feelings and the images they interact with. No matter which tasks we deal with - multitasking is a challenge that one has to find a method in order to integrate the different realms.

In »Playing with Virtual Realities« we assumed, staged, and finally also argued - that making sense is an act, which integrates sensory-information with additional imaginary layers (we called these realms of physicality and virtuality »the virtual and the actual worlds« and looked at the task of integration as composing a new immersive story-telling).

In our project we asked to facilitate embodied understanding on how perception and practices are reshaped in the navigation between digital environments and analogue reality. ›Playing‹ became the main approach for sharing our knowledge-systems, while bringing them into a mutual Practice-as-Research. The plurality of ›virtual realities‹ in the name of the work signifies, beyond the technology, also the variety of knowledge-systems we shared and played with.

Director: Einav Katan-Schmid

On stage with dance: Nitsan Margaliot, Lisanne Goodhue, and Aurica Mosse.

On stage with technology: Meik Ramey, Murat Lamm Creative team: Ramona Thomasius Mosse, Sabiha Ghellal, Christian Stein, and Tom Lilie

Behind the cameras: Claudia Lamas Cornejo, Harumi Terayama, Ali Katan-Schmid, Thomas Kowalski, and Jubal Battisti

Editing: Harumi Terayama