Tobias Bleifuß

Interdisciplinary Laboratory

Tobias Bleifuß supports the »Bild Wissen Gestaltung« IT Team as a student assistant. He assists all BWG researchers in developing strategies of data visualisation as well as in finding the right methods of implementation. 

Tobias completed his B.Sc. in Informatics at the Universität Würzburg in 2014 and has since been enrolled in the M.Sc. program IT Systems Engineering at the Hasso-Plattner-Institut in Potsdam. In his studies he is primarily interested in problems regarding recommender systems and in natural language processing. He is already preparing his M.Sc. thesis in which he will most likely be concerned with algorithms for discovering dependencies within very large amounts of data. Tobias is fascinated by how it is possible to eventually deduce very interesting insights from large quantities of data, even though at first they seemed unmanageable just because of their sheer volume. In this, data visualisation can be a very handy tool since it allows to select certain characteristics of data, to convert those characteristics and to present them visually.

Tobias contributes a lot of experience in JavaScript (D3 Framework), C++ & Java as well as in query languages to the cluster.