Eleni Koniadou
Eleni Koniadou
Zentraler Laborraum des Interdisziplinären Labors
Sophienstr. 22a, 10176 Berlin-Mitte, 2.HH. 2.OG

In the age of absolute computation, where there is no off switch and nothing exists outside the technological zone, it is clear, now more than ever, that our idea of what it is to be human is fundamentally changing. As we learn from Deleuze and Guattari, our condition is better understood from the standpoint of ‘the prefix TRANS’ —‘transmodern’ (Zalamea), ‘transfeminist’ (Xenofeminism), ‘transdisciplinary’ (Guattari). There is currently a growing effort in the humanities to rework our relationship to this new complex reality, through transdisciplinary methodologies and innovative experimentations. The latter prompts a reconceptualisation of the connectivities between art, science, and philosophy, and encourages further questions about the linkages between knowing and feeling, thought and aesthetics. This talk is interested in pushing both thought and aesthetics in the direction of speculation. In particular, it considers a constructive tension between the limits of knowing and the impact of nonconscious sonic ‘aesthesis’ (Shaviro), as well as their collective potential to activate unlived realities infusing (technological, aesthetic, or other) events.